Thursday, July 2, 2009

Program review for Childgrove dances

I realized that I have not set down any specific guidelines on what we expect from the Hatchling callers at regular Childgrove events (not at the Saturday Caller’s Choice dances). I don’t like a lot of rules – but this should allow the callers to know what is expected and provide some consistency:

Hatchling callers guest calling with one of our ‘regular’ callers:
Proposed dances must be presented to the scheduled caller in advance for their review, comments and approval.

Monthly dance where 2 or 3 Hatchlings are the scheduled callers:
Entire program must be submitted to one of the ‘regular’ callers (me, Ted or Deborah). for review, comments and approval. I have not talked to Ted or Deborah about this. You can ask them if you wish – but I will be available for all the events if you want me to do that.

Hatchling callers scheduled for a whole evening themselves:
Not required to have their programs reviewed, but it is not a bad idea. Ask any of the other callers or even other Hatchling callers - the more input the better. Callers are welcome to offer one or 2 dances to a guest caller – but are then responsible for reviewing the dances their guest will call.

Most of the Hatchlings have reached a level that they can call and teach effectively. As you know – programming is a whole different skill and it is good to learn from mistakes the rest of us have already made rather than repeat them.

Feel welcome to contact me if you have any questions.


TwinkleToze said...

Mac: This is a really belated comment; but thanks for clarifying things. It made it really helpful in planning my 1st full night calling. Thanks again for your support for the Hatchlings.

mac said...


Very nice evening! No serious problems and everyone enjoyed the program. We were missing a lot of the most experienced dancers, but you managed to get a less expeerienced group up to speed.

congratulations - well done

TwinkleToze said...

Thanks, Mac!!