Monday, April 12, 2010

Gig available

Matthew Keefer, who used to dance w/ Childgrove, is interested in having a dance for an All Parish Conference (on May 15). It would be a mixture of ages and mostly beginners. Neither Mac nor I is available for this event, but I wanted to see if any of you can help.

When we were learning to call, we often tag-teamed (Mac/Ted/Jeanette/Andrew/and myself) for events such as this to take some of the pressure off. It's not a place for contra dances, but for simple mixers, squares, and whole set dances.

Matthew needs a band and caller(s). If you can help, please email him at keefer (at) umsl (dot) edu

I hope some of you can take advantage of this great opportunity. I'd be happy to give you feedback on any particular dances or programming questions.

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TwinkleToze said...


I don't recall seeing this posting until just this past weekend. This blog has lain mostly fallow since folks got started on Facebook. I hope you posted it somewhere else, as well (or talked to others about it), or will, next time such an opportunity arises. Hope they found somebody!

Thanks, Karen